why I ride & why I think you should too

My history on two wheels

1984 Puch Maxi
1984 Puch Maxi
2003 Ducati Monster 620
2000 Suzuki DR200
2013 Honda NC700X

Places I've ridden

Why you should ride a motorcycle

Good for the World

  • Cheaper insurance, gas, & running costs
  • Easily navigate & help reduce traffic
  • Better gas mileage & less pollution
  • Less wear and tear on the road

Good for the You

  • They are cool
  • Spend more time outside exploring
  • Keeps your heart rate up
  • Reduces daily stress and improves mood
  • Motorcyclists watch out for each other
Wait, but aren't
extremely dangerous?
They are,
but not as dangerous
as you think.

The Hurt Report

What did we learn?

Accident Stats

  • 98% weather not a factor
  • 92% no formal training
  • 60% no helmets
  • 50% fatal accidents due to alcohol
  • 30% rear ended (most common)
  • 03% vehicle failure

Report Learnings

  • Get formal training
  • Gear is important in reducing injury
  • Weather and bike failure are rarely factors
  • Always be aware of everything around you
  • People are dumb
  • Drinking and riding is asking for it
Motorcycles are not what's dangerous.
Their operators are.

How to get started

Take a class

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

  • 2 Day weekend courses
  • Take the class to get your license, no road test!
  • Learn from experienced motorcyclists
  • Tons of learning resources
  • Bikes & gear provided

Buy some gear

Types of Gear

  • Helmets—DOT • ECE • SNELL
  • Jackets—Leather • Textile
  • Pants—Kevlar • Leather
  • Boots—Rigid soles • Ankle support
  • Gloves—Armor • Wrist support
  • Armour—CE 1 & 2 • Impact resistant
  • Eye Protection
  • Riding Suits

Gear advice

  • Get gear in colors. Black is hard to see!
  • Try things on in person before buying
  • Gear should be snug and not fall off easily
  • Earplugs are a godsend (wind gets really noisy!)
  • Backpacks are exhausting (use straps instead)
  • Security gear is important too!

Cycle GearRevzilla

ama with a motorcycle thief

Getting on the road

Practice before you go

  • Find a large empty parking lot
  • Every new bike you ride is different
  • Practice stopping & swerving
  • Practice tight turns and slow speed maneuvers
  • Try different speeds and surfaces
  • Practice reacting quickly to surprises

Staying safe on the road

  • Always try to be seen
  • Never travel at greater than 10 mph
    faster than traffic
  • Cars need to anticipate you
  • Position yourself to have an out
  • Always watch your mirrors
  • This could be another class

Would you learn to ride?